Recent article in Stylist magazine on Coastal Writing Retreats

North Devon author inspiration

It’s fairly self-explanatory: it’s walking, but with only the sound of your footsteps alongside you. Yep, you read that right – this is walking, but not as we know it. In direct contrast to a hot girl walk, where headphones feature heavily, there’s no music here, and no chatting – not even a podcast to keep you company.

What, no headphones at all?

Yes – that’s the whole point.

Helen Garlick runs coastal writing retreats and always includes a silent walk activity, with participants encouraged to focus instead on what they can hear, smell, see and feel.

“For me, it’s a form of mindful walking – a personal and practical way to relax and help me be present in the now,” she tells Stylist. “Silent walking helps me feel much more connected and in tune with my environment.”

Flora Harris, sports and swimwear buyer at Pour Moi, is another fan of silent walking. “For many Gen Zs and millennials this can feel quite daunting,” she acknowledges. “We’re very attached to our headphones, but the benefits of ditching the background noise can be significant.”