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Hello! It’s better to talk…

We grow through our connections with our self, with others, and with our beautiful planet. There is alchemy, pure gold, in healing in communication and connection.

For over thirty five years I have worked as a family lawyer and mediator, also training other lawyers in talking solutions, aiming to help practitioners and clients improve outcomes with the best interests of the family in mind.

Nowadays I’m writing more. My debut memoir No Place to Lie has had a terrific early reception with all five star reviews on Amazon (very grateful).

I’m available to talk to your book club, your group, your organisation. Please get in touch to chat about how I could help.

I also run training courses and speak and present in a variety of settings. I specialise in communication and heartfelt connection and healing. At the heart of my work and life is being a courage builder.

We live in a divided world, disconnected from the planet on which we live and breathe and from each other. To find our way back to each other, to connect, we need to have the bravery and courage to be vulnerable, in a safe setting, and tell our stories. It’s better to talk, from our hearts and souls, to discover our true joy in life.

You’re welcome to contact me to discuss your training needs.


No Place to Lie is Helen’s debut memoir published by whitefox on 4th February 2021 and hailed as ‘so compelling’, ‘exceptional’ and ‘amazing’.



Check out the stories behind No Place to Lie and tips on communication and deep connection on her YouTube channel Hello! It’s Better to Talk.



No Place to Lie is available as an audiobook read by the author on Audible, Google, iTunes and many other audio platforms.


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